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Whether you need rotary positive displacement blowers, blower packages or mechanical vacuum boosters, Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems (TVBS) is leading the search for innovative solutions. Since 1937, TVBS has been designing and manufacturing proven M-D Pneumatics products that are solidly engineered, competitively priced and produced under stringent ISO 9001 quality standards.


Our experience has helped us to establish a worldwide customer base and made us one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of rotary lobe blowers and vacuum boosters. Our commitment to delivering the right solution at the right time continues to guide how we do business now and in the years to come. For new blower applications or replacements, TVBS offers one of the broadest lines of positive displacement blower models and vacuum boosters in the industry. Each blower and booster is tested before shipping and carries a factory warranty. Applications include pneumatic conveying, chemical processing, gas moving, vacuum boosters or exhausting, food processing, waste treatment aeration, elevated pressures, complete package systems, and more.


Product Range


Rotary Lobe - Positive Displacement Blowers

M-D Pneumatics®


PD Plus is a long-established line of premium, heavy-duty models ranging from 3.25" to 12" gear diameter and 2.5" to 48" rotor length. These blowers are renowned for their quality, dependability and outstanding performance.


Typical Applications:

Soil Vapor Extraction

Non-Sparking Requirements or Process

Oil-Free Handling Fuel, Utility Processing Gases

Pulp/Paper Processing

Laser Re-Circulation Systems

Fluid Bed Combustion

Pneumatic Conveying

Fluidization/Agitation of Dense Powders

Supercharging Compressors

Vapor Recovery

Digester Gas Processing

Steam Compression

Mobile Vacuum Waste Removal

High-Performance Applications

Carpet Cleaning

Pressure Boosting to 100 PSIG (6.9 bar g)


Capacity is from 8 CFM (14 m3/hr) up to 9273 CFM (15764 m3/hr) and the power from 0,8 HP up to 250 HP



Our Equalizer family of blowers also includes special features usually found only on premium blowers, but at competitive prices. They are medium duty, compact blowers that are available in popular 4.5" and 6" gear diameters.


Typical Applications:

Pneumatic Conveying

Dairy Milking

Carpet Cleaning

Wastewater Aeration

Compost Aeration

Vacuum Cleaning

Dust Collection

Mobile Vacuum Waste Removal


Capacity is from 85 CFM (145 m3/hr) up to 3358 CFM (5709 m3/hr) and the power from 2,0 HP up to 160 HP


Other Applications / Models  

Competitor® - Rotary Air Blower


M-D Pneumatics Vacuum Booster

PneuMax™ and PneuPak™ are dependable and economical low pressure (up to 15 PSIG [1.03 bar g] or 16" Hg [540 mbar g] vacuum) air sources for many industrial and municipal applications such as pneumatic conveying of bulk powder, seed or other granular material, fluidization/agitation of bulk powders, wastewater aeration, and motive force for vacuum exhausting,dairy milking and central vacuum systems.



Rotary Piston, Rotary Vane and Dry Screw Vacuum Pump



Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump


KT pumps are quiet running vacuum pumps with high pumping capacity at both high and low pressures. The triplex piston design is inherently dynamically balanced and is practically vibration-free. Even in dirty applications, the KT enjoys unequalled durability, as there is no metal-to-metal contact between the pump piston and the

cylinder; clearances are filled with oil. All KT models include an integral, positive pressure lubrication system to insure reliable lubrication at all pressure levels. 

KT pumps are water-cooled; however, optional air-cooling systems are available on several sizes. Adjustable gas ballast valves are included as standard equipment for handling water and other vapor loads. LP series KT pumps incorporate all the features of the standard KT pumps, in addition to an integral oil mist eliminator and a compact, low-profile design.


Typical Applications:

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Furnaces

Vacuum Coating


Model           CFM / m3/h    HP / kW

KT-170LP       100/170             5/3.7

KT-150C         144/245          7.5/5.5

KT-275LP       160/272           10/7.5

KT-300D         296/503           15/11

KT-505LP       296/503           15/11

KT-500D         484/822           30/22

KT-840VFP     484/822           30/22

KT-850D         778/1322         40/30

KT-1350VFP   778/1322         40/30


Dry Screw Vacuum Pump


Dry screw vacuum pumps operate without oil or water in the pumping chamber, and

with their straight-through design, the KDP and SDV can handle both condensable vapors and some solids without leaving residue.

There is no metal-to-metal contact inside the pumping chamber, so wear is greatly reduced.

Kinney dry screw pumps are water-cooled, but self-contained air-cooled coolant recirculation systems are available.


Typical Applications:

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processing

Solvent Recovery



Dry Etching


Vapor Recovery


Model           CFM / m3/h       HP / kW

SDV-120            71/120               5/3.7

SDV-200          106/180              5/3.7

SDV-320          188/320            10/7.5

SDV-430          253/430            15/11

SDV-800          441/750            20/15

SDV-1500        882/1500          50/37

SDV- 2700      1588/2700         75/55



Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump


KVO/KVOH rotary vane vacuum pumps provide an economical source of vacuum for those applications where the process is relatively clean or filtered. Gas ballast valves for vapor handling applications are included as standard equipment.

KVO models are rated to blank-off at 7.5 Torr (10 mbar a); KVOH models are rated to blank-off at 0.375 Torr (0.5 mbar a).


Typical Applications:

Vacuum Packaging

Meat Packing

Vacuum Chucking & Holding

Central Vacuum Systems

Medical/Dental Vacuum

Electronic Assembly

Plastic Thermoforming

Food Processing


Model              CFM / m3/h      HP / kW

KVO/KVOH-5       3.1/5.2          0.33/0.25

KVO/KVOH-20      11/19           0.75/0.55

KVO/KVOH-30      18/30             1.5/1.1

KVO/KVOH-50      28/48             1.5/1.1

KVO/KVOH-70      42/72             2.0/1.5

KVO/KVOH-120    71/120            3.0/2.2

KVO/KVOH-200  120/204            7.5/5.5

KVO/KVOH-325  191/324             10/7.5




Vacuum Booster Pump



Booster/Dry Screw Vacuum Pumping Systems


These systems combine high pumping speed with deep vacuum levels and operate free of oil, water or other sealing liquids.


Flows range to 10,000 CFM (17000 m3/h) with vacuum levels to 10 microns and below.


Complete engineered solutions are available and may include any combination of Kinney KDP or SDV vacuum pumps, vacuum boosters, electric motors, direct or V-belt drive, coolant recirculation systems, instrumentation, controls, skid piping and valves.


Typical Applications:

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processing

Semiconductor Processing

Solvent Recovery



Dry Etching


Vapor Recovery

Our application engineers are ready to help

you select the best system and combinations

of components for your specific needs.


Booster/Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumping Systems


Kinney Booster/Rotary Piston vacuum pumping systems pump high volumes at very low pressures. A high-capacity dry rotary lobe vacuum booster is matched to a smaller rotary piston vacuum pump. For continuous operation below 1 Torr (1.3 mbar a), the vacuum booster can increase the pumping speed of the vacuum pump by a factor of 10 or more, resulting in a higher capacity system with economy of scale. For operation at higher pressure and for faster evacuations, the booster may be approximately twice the capacity of the piston pump. Conventional systems with either direct driven or V-belt driven boosters and low-profile systems with close-coupled boosters are available.


Performance ranges from 200-2700 CFM (340-4590 m3/h) with ultimate vacuum levels as low as 0.2 microns. Custom engineered system solutions to 10,000 CFM (17000 m3/h) are also available. Our application engineers can help you make the best selection for your specific needs.


Typical Applications:

Transformer Oil Drying

Vacuum Furnaces

Vapor Coating

Vacuum Packaging