Nash_elmo S_200 - Oil Free Vacuum Pump

The Complete system with unsurpassed reliability


Advantage of Nash_elmo S_200

  • Ready-to-connect system - S_200 vacuum pumps are compact, ready-to-connect system, connect the power supply, fill the water tank, install the suction line - and you're ready to go

  • Cool and reliable - With patented discharge-air cooling, vacuum pump will still cool, even when operating in most demanding conditions and operated without oil.

  • Quiet and low-maintenance - Sound levels varying from 63 to 76 dB(A) depending on size.

  • No need for additional energy - Discharge-air cooling in the S_200 use a special patented process which eliminates the need for additional outside energy. Unlike conventional closed-circuit system with liquid ring vacuum pump (1), the S_200 system uses a special discharge-air cooler (3) to cool the water-vapor saturated and hot discharge air downstream of the water separator (2). This reduces the discharge temperature to below room temperature. The cooling process condenses water vapor from the discharge air, and this condensate is returned to the operating liquid. As a result, S_200 vacuum pumps can be operated without the need to continuously supply male-up water. An air/water cooler (4) cools the operating liquid to 7 Kelvin above ambient temperature and returns it to the pump.