Nash Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump & Compressor




Manufacture in Germany, USA and Brazil, Nash is the best in gas transferring equipment. With Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump/Compressors type, Nash become a leader in sugar refinery, chemical, pulp and paper, power generation, waste water treatment, general industries and Oil and Gas Service.





NASH Principle of Operation



Nash’s only business is Engineered Vacuum and Compressed Gas System. We have to be the best at designing, engineering, packaging and servicing our product. Our commitment to excel in this endeavor is a total corporate effort by Nash employees worldwide.


Range of Product




L_100/L_200/L_300 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump and Compressors

Capacity from 10 m3/hr up to 500 m3/hr

Suction Pressure up to 10 mbar (abs.)


Product Detail L_Series



G_100/G_200/G_400 Regenerative Blowers

Capacity from 20 m3/hr up to 2000 m3/hr

Maximum Vacuum 600 mbar

Maximum Pressure 1000 mbar

Rated Output up to 25 kW 


Product Detail




S-200/S-300 Stand Alone (Standardized / Hybrid) Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump and Compressors

Capacity from 25 m3/hr up to 940 m3/hr

Suction Pressure up to 50 mbar


Product Detail




Vectra Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

At 20"HgV CFM Range is from 120 CFM to 3000 CFM

Power Range from 7,5 HP up to 200 HP




Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump and Compressors

Capacity from 120CFM up to 3000 CFM

Single Lobe Conical



Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump and Compressors

Capacity from 150 CFM to 15000 CFM

Single Lobe Conical

Two Cone and Two Heads for each pump



Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

Capacity from 3000 CFM to 18000 CFM

Single Lobe Conical

Two Cone and Two Heads for each pump



The GARO line is Gardner Denver Nash's new line of liquid ring compressor products. It expands the capacity and pressure ranges of our previous compressors to meet the ever-growing requirements of our customers.

Found primarily in petroleum refineries and chemical plants, these rugged and reliable compressors handle highly toxic, explosive and corrosive gases in applications such as flare-gas, chlorine and Vinyl Chlorine Monomer (VCM) recovery. The GARO line, available in single and two-stage designs, comes in: cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, spherical cast iron, 316 stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, and Hastelloy or Titanium on select models.

Together with the NASH HP-9, the 14 new GARO models form the NASH core compressor product line, which provides compression greater than 200 psig (15 Bar abs). Low pressure compressors are available to 30 psig (3 Bar abs), and 20,000 cfm (34,000 m3/h). As a result, NASH offers the widest pressure and capacity ranges of liquid ring compressors available worldwide.



Steam Jet Ejectors

NASH ejectors are ideally suited to handle applications with large volumes, high vacuum levels, low molecular weight gases and low absolute pressures. Ejector designs are available in sizes ranging from one-inch to 78-inch inlets (2.5 cm to 2 m) and may be combined in various stages to meet your specific ejector application needs.

Ejector inlet capacities range from 20 CFM to 20,000 CFM (35 CMH to 34,000 CMH) or more at vacuum, and pressures as low as 0.001 mm Hg absolute can easily be accommodated. Ejectors can be manufactured in a variety of materials and require no moving parts, translating into trouble-free continuous ejector operation