Teikoku Canned Motor Pumps



The every-increasing demand for environmental safety at a reasonable cost presents a unique challenge to the Process Industries: find and utilize equipment that while operating leak-free, performs reliably and efficiently. Teikoku's Canned Motor Pump more than meets the challenge.

Besides double containment for total fluid control, the pump offers some remarkable performance advantages. Designed to enable long periods of time between maintenance (with pre-planned downtime), it has only a few components that need to be monitored and serviced. It never requires costly alignment procedures or external lubrication. And, because it is Seal less, the Teikoku Canned Motor Pump eliminates seal maintenance as well as the demands of complicated seal support systems.

The Teikoku Canned Motor Pump: true secondary containment, reliable operation, cost-efficiency...and continuing environmental concern







No leakage - handle toxic, explosive, expensive, hazardous, carcinogenic, and corrosive fluids without leaking.

Airtight - designed to handle vacuum service of fluids that react to contact with air.

No shaft seal - No mechanical seal, No gland packing

No external lubrication - pumped fluid provide cooling and lubricating of motor and bearings. No lubrication levels to check or maintain.

Compact design - motor and pump are single unit, no alignment necessary. No grouting or elaborate foundation.

Quiet operation - Low noise level since no fan is used to cool motor. All rotating parts are within a thick shell container.

Design features - Seal less construction, explosion proof design, electronic bearing monitoring device, back pull out construction, high volumetric efficiency, etc.

Construction - Basic type with hollow shaft (F/FA-V type), vertical in-line (RW/RV or FW/FV type), reverse circulation (R type), full steam jacket (K-S type), high temperature insulation (B type), slurry seal (D type), self priming (G type), gas sealed slurry (XG type) and multistage type (F-M type).


Common Type of Teikoku Canned motor Pump.

Teikoku is unique in that we design and manufacture both pumps AND motors, thus insuring our customer total quality control. Teikoku canned motor pump replace conventional sealed pumps providing safer, more efficient operations. this is especially advantageous when pumping hazardous or hard to handle material.

Teikoku's various product lines include zero-leakage canned motor pumps, mixers and accessories. All pumps are available in vertical configuration for longer pump life and minimal space usage in plants and other processing facilities.

Each Teikoku Canned Motor Pump comes with the patented Teikoku Rotary Guardian (TRG) -- an electrical meter that continuously monitors both axial and radial wear. The TRG indicates any serious malfunction of the pump before a failure occurs; many users opt to have the TRG connected to an alarming device.